International women's day

It is that time of the year again where the social media is flooded with Women are special, Pink power, Girls rule the world type of posts. Yes! you guessed it right-

It is 8th March and the International Women’s Day!

I have been observing a trend since the past few years with these kind of special days…and to be honest, I am going to spill out the reality today in my blog as I am really fed up of the dual standards that our society functions on. So read on to know my take on Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day- I don’t need to be wished this.

Celebrate Womanhood- I celebrate it every second of my life.

Don’t give up seats in metros, buses for us- I don’t need it.

Don’t distribute pink cupcakes and cookies in office today- I am not up for it.

Stop marketing ‘A woman is special’ idea around your beauty/consumer/ service products specially for 8th March! And stop giving freebies and free drinks for a campaign – I know I am special in my own way and people would know that too.

Don’t give treat/cards/ gifts today- I can buy those for myself.

Stop splashing pink everywhere for Women’s Day- I don’t like Pink, not all women like Pink! Enough with this stereotyping.

Stop flooding my feed/ Whatsapp with Women’s Day posts- I know it won’t last a day…

So just STOP doing/saying things that you don’t mean.

So you ask – What do you WANT? You know what I want?

  • I want safer roads for me to walk freely without being eve teased in our country.
  • I want equal pay for equal work at our workplaces.
  • I want no discrimination between a daughter and daughter-in-law in our families.
  • I want EVERY girl child’s education to be prioritized just as a boy’s education would be.
  • I want my man to be okay to cook for me/the family if I cant or don’t want to.
  • I want my family and his family to be OK if I earn more than him.
  • I want that there are no more rapes, dowry deaths in our society.
  • I want women to be open about sexuality, sex, menstruation topics.
  • I want to love/marry (or not) to who I want without being frowned upon.
  • I want no woman to be judged on her relationship status- single, married, divorced, widowed whatever!
  • I want to wear what I want without being judged.
  • I want to be heard when I have something to share.
  • I want to be taken seriously at work when giving ideas for a project.

    We don’t need flowers, messages that celebrate us one day… THIS IS WHAT I WANT! And I am sure This is what majority of Women want! We celebrate us everyday… it is time that you should too! #Everydayiswomensday #equalityaboveall #internationalwomensday #SheEqualHe

Share your thoughts about it in the comments below.