traits of gentleman

I am sure you must be wondering every man is a gentleman, why is there a need to point out certain traits? Let me tell you that being a man is a matter of birth and being a gentleman is a matter of choice and not every man who wears a suit & tie is a gentleman and not every gentleman wears a suit & tie.

Today, we use the word ‘gentleman’ without really understanding how deep is its meaning. Just because at gatherings audiences are commonly addressed as “ladies and gentlemen” doesn’t mean that every man is a gentleman.

On looking at the real meaning of the word ‘gentleman’, we realize how carelessly we use it. This word has evolved over a long time. It is associated with a man who has esteemed values and principles in place that make him worthy to be called a gentleman.

So who exactly is a gentleman? Is he the man who channelizes the stiff upper lipped charm like the Victorian era or the one who we know as the metrosexual man who is just-so-sweet with his courteous behaviour?

Well, read on to know the 9 definitive traits that a man should possess to be essentially called a ‘gentleman’.

traits of a gentleman
what makes a gentleman
are you a gentleman
are you a gentleman

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signs you are a gentleman
are you a gentleman

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If you are keeping a count of how many of these above qualities you/ your man has…Don’t forget to pay attention to the last one too.

So let me know if I have missed out on any more traits of a gentleman here. Which of these qualities do you most wish men possessed more of today? Share in the comments below.