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Unbelievably easy tips to get clear skin

Unbelievably Easy Tips For Clear Skin

I don’t want clear skin said no one EVER. No matter how many articles, videos, insta stories we see related to ‘how to get clear skin’, ‘how to get glowing skin’ , We generally don’t follow the tips that are shared in those content capsules. (I get motivated for a week or so and then …

Peri pera airy velvet

Review- Peri Pera Airy Velvet Lip Colour

For today’s post, it is the product review of one of the famous Korean beauty brand Peri Pera’s range of lip colours. The edition is called the – ‘Airy Velvet’ Shade number- 05 Genius Rosy Pink What I liked- Cute and smart packaging Easy to use applicator Great colour range Weightless formula Long lasting (kind …