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Okay now that you’ve clicked this article to read on, I am confident that you are one of the bravehearts! Congratulations! Before that, I will tell you something about myself, I am a shoe-aholic. I can spend the entire day just looking and researching on cool pair of heels, fun designs of shoes and basically everything related to shoes!

So as we have a lot of time to spare these days, I was doing my casual browsing for amazing heels in fashion the other day and guess what I stumbled upon? – The world’s most ugliest shoes!

Gross Shoes? What’s that?

I mean, at first I couldn’t digest the fact that is there even a thing like- UGLY SHOES? Considering the fact that I love everything about shoes. But then I reluctantly clicked that link and boy was I in for a shock!

What I saw in that article was nothing less than a horror; especially for a shoe lover who is used to seeing all types of unique shoes that are magnificent display of creativity! After I braved through the entire article I was amazed, confused, horrified and boggled- All at once!

So, the curious side of me wanted to test this out with you as well. I searched more on this and I have enlisted the grossest shoes that I came across the web. I am unable to even imagine the level of creativity behind these. Now let’s see what you have to say-

ugliest shoes in the world
ugly shoes
ugliest shoes in the world

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worst shoes
gross footwear
nasty footwear
ugly women footwear
animal footwear
ugly fashion shoes
ugliest shoes for women

Image courtesy- Pinterest

WOW! You did make it to the last photo. Having seen all the above, don’t you want to know the designers behind these gross shoes? I can say for myself that I really would want to know the designers of these so that I can ask them – WHY did they do this?

Also, you think you would dare to try any of those? Tell me what you think in the comments below.