Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling but this isn’t true when the relationship is toxic. The funny thing about being in a toxic relationship is that you don’t get to know you are in one till the time you actually end it!

I mean, this is possibly the scariest kind of relationship that you can get yourself into. You get so addicted to this kind of a relationship (or person) that you give yourself many reasons to stay in…because you have formed a sense of security with that person.

Unfortunately in a toxic relationship you have to fight to be loved by a person who is not even worth fighting for.

As women, we have this sense of fear when it comes to ending toxic relationships as we feel it is better to have a dysfunctional relationship than to be single for a lifetime. (Need to change this ladies!! NOW!)

Be bold and kick that shitty person out of your life. You deserve better. Give love a second chance and if you happen to meet a great guy while dating, these 5 amazing things are bound to happen to you for sure.

Experience ‘Strange Feelings’

When this ‘new’ guy treats you with love and does things to please you… you are bound to feel strange because you are so used to being treated quite the opposite.

But trust me, he knows that you have been through hell and he will do everything in his capacity to erase that memory from your mind. Allow him show and allow yourself to experience what true love feels like.

You will doubt him

He will be this knight in shining armour for you and his actions, words will be full of love that you will actually start to doubt him. How can he be so good? He is too good to be true! Does he have an ulterior motive? What if he turns out to be like my ex later?

Shhh…he is a great guy, understanding and patient, he will never give you a reason to question his love towards you. More-so, his love will for you will never change so stop doubting him and go with the flow.

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

You will Say Sorry Quite Often

In a toxic relationship, you must have said sorry for no fault of yours JUST to avoid conflict. This habit is bound to continue in your new relationship also but the great guy you are dating will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable.

He won’t expect a sorry for random things and would definitely point that out- ‘You don’t need to be sorry for that’.

Trust Issues

You trusted your Ex to treat you like a queen and look how it ended. This scar will take time to heal for sure but with that comes trust issues. You will put the new guy under the same scanner and will really take your time to build your trust (Which is OK) no matter how beautifully he treats you.

Once you are sure that he will never hurt you, you will start showing your vulnerable side to him and he will accept you completely. That’s where you’ll start trusting him and believing in love.

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Over Justifying Yourself

You have been questioned for the tiniest things in the past, been asked to prove yourself and your actions so it is quite normal that you are now conditioned to do the same in your current scenario too.

Sending a simple ‘I Miss You’ message to your current partner and not getting a reply in turn will make you type another message ‘justifying’ the odd timing of messaging him or may be ‘apologizing’ to have disturbed him.

But hey, you don’t have to do that. This new guy appreciates that his lady misses him and it surely makes him special. You will know when you talk next. He is not expecting your justifications but pure love.

So ladies, trust me when I say this – You will become a stronger version of yourself once you are out a toxic relationship. Open your heart to falling in love again. Be with a man who treats you with love and most importantly respects you for who you are. There is nothing more beautiful to love someone who loves you back more.