top 8 things to never apologize for

‘I’m Sorry, Oh I apologize’… how often do you find yourself using these words in a day? Saying sorry has become so common that it has almost lost its worth as a word. So you may say that saying sorry is a part of being well mannered right? But what if I tell you there are things that you should never apologize for? Well read on to know what they are-

Being Yourself

You are YOU. Be it quirky, silent, emotional, practical or whatever. Set of characteristics make you different than others. Never apologize for being the way you are, continue being awesome instead!

never apologize for being you

Saying NO

You will be surprised to learn how easy your life becomes if you start being assertive and say a firm ‘NO’ to things that you don’t believe in. It is time that you stand up for yourself…because no one else would.

Being Emotional

In today’s time having emotions is a blessing that not too many of us have anymore. Count yourself lucky and blessed if you are emotional and care to express that to people around you.

Enjoying Me Time

Always know that the most important person in your life is- You. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone else deeply too. Never apologize for having a relationship with inner self. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good, that’s the key to pure happiness.

never apologize for me time

Ending Toxicity In Your Life

Get rid of everything/ everyone that is drinking up positivity from your life. Toxic is toxic. Be it people or relationships. Don’t allow yourself to hang in there just because it seems too secure or difficult to leave. Trust me you will thank yourself later once you have moved on. Never apologize for rescuing yourself from bad connections.

Having High Standards

OK, I might be judged here but honestly, no one deserves anything less than the best (You only have one life right?). One should always have clear standards when it comes to what they want in life and their non-negotiables. Have high standards (especially in relationships) and never be sorry for that.

Standing Up For What You Believe In

In a world where everyone tries to impress the other by joining the herd of mass liking; it is always good to express and stand for what you staunchly believe in. Could be a possibility that you won’t be liked by many but some would definitely appreciate you on voicing your opinions. You never know who you are inspiring at what time in life.

never apologize for these 8 things

For Your Imperfections

Understand that no one on this planet is perfect. You ought to love your imperfections because they make you unique. (Else you’d be like any other no?) Embrace what you have in physicality or character wise and improve yourself for your own good and not because you want to be perfect in the eyes of others. #beyourownversionofperfect #imperfektt Remember!

Not apologizing for these points won’t make you a bad person, It shows that you care about yourself enough to make difficult choices when they are in your best interest. Do you have any more points add that I may have missed? Share in the comments below.