beautiful freckles photo

Question- What does Meghan Markle, Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan and Kylie Jenner have in common? Answer-Beautiful Freckles!

These ladies adorn the golden spots on their skin with elan.

What are Freckles?

Freckles are a form of skin pigmentation that is most commonly found on people with fair complexions. They happen due to the skin’s exposure to the sun’s ultra violet radiation that causes melanocytes to make more skin pigments. Thus, these pigmentations show more on fair skin than darker tones. Because people with paler skin color generally have less melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes their color, they are prominently visible on their skin tone.

I know we live in a world of photoshop, filters and beauty apps that everyone uses to enhance their features- make their skin smooth, remove pigmentation, fine lines and what not. But hey, having freckles does not mean that you have imperfect skin. Scroll down to to see some stunning photos that will reassure you that they are gorgeous and not a skin imperfection.

beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful freckles photos
old male model
beautiful freckles photos
beautiful portrait lady
male model photos

Massive Beauty Trend

It was in 2017 that fake-freckles began being a beauty trend and it is going strong still. Make up artists, Celebrities, Bloggers are recreating faux freckles to add that innocent charm to their ‘natural look’ make up.

How To Create Fake Freckles?

Fake freckles are easy to create- you could use any of the following to put dots on your face, shoulders, chest.. wherever.

  • Henna cone to imprint spots on your face, shoulders etc.
  • A brown eyebrow pencil
  • Brown eyeliner
  • Brown gel/ liquid eyeshadow
how to create fake freckles
fake freckles

I hope these photos made a point that freckles are anything but imperfections! Embrace them if you have it, create them if you love it! Tell me in the comments below what you think about these photos.

Image courtesy- pinterest.