Unbelievably easy tips to get clear skin

I don’t want clear skin said no one EVER. No matter how many articles, videos, insta stories we see related to ‘how to get clear skin’, ‘how to get glowing skin’ , We generally don’t follow the tips that are shared in those content capsules. (I get motivated for a week or so and then lose the dedication :P)

So having consumed almost thousands of tips and tricks for clear skin over the past few years, I decided to collate some doable and unbelievably easy tips for clear skin. I have started to follow these and they really work!

These tips are generic and both men and women can follow them to get healthy skin (because let’s be honest, guys are also getting conscious about their skin and thats a great thing!)

  1. Drink lots of water
    This is a prime tip for a reason- if you stay hydrated your skin will always be plump and less prone to dullness.
  2. Eat your fruits
    Always have seasonal fruits and avoid frozen fruits. Include vitamin-C,A, E rich foods as they aide collagen production and in turn give you healthy skin.
  3. Eat your veggies
    Yeah, your mom was right when she force fed you the vegetables. They are essential for clear skin.

    Unbelievably easy tips to get clear skin
  4. Sweat it out
    Any physical activity (walking, gymming, dancing etc. ) for 30 mins to 1 hour boosts blood circulation and gets rid of toxins from your body.
  5. Wash your face twice a day
    Ideally, morning and at night before going to bed.
  6. Use a toner
    That will calm your skin and shrink pores (if you have any).
  7. Moisturize
    Use your skin specific moisturizer (oily, dry, sensitive, normal).
  8. Exfoliate
    Use a gentle scrub and exfoliate your body (and not just face) at least twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and sebum.
  9. Use face masks
    Ya, the Korean sheet mask will be fine but if you want variety then switch to fruits masks, clay masks etc.
  10. Avoid touching your face
    Your hands are the culprit when it comes to germ carriers for causing pimples on your face. Avoid touching your face. Thats it.
  11. NEVER pop pimples
    I know some people get a kick out it (Eeeww) but refrain from doing that as that will leave a scar on your face and add on to the infection.
  12. Drink Green Tea
    Infused with antioxidants, drinking green tea will boost your metabolism and help you get clearer skin.

    Unbelievably easy tips to get clear skin
  13. Meditate
    For at least 30 mins because a calm mind would exude calmer outside.
  14. Don’t scrub your face/body with a towel
    It rips the elasticity of your skin.
  15. Limit your Tea/ Coffee
    2-3 cups a day is just fine, more than that you end up dehydrating your system.
  16. Wear SPF
    UV rays damage your skin in more ways than one, so block them out! SPF 30 + or SPF 50+ is fine. Don’t skip it.
  17. Massage
    At least once a week massage your face/ body with coconut oil.
  18. Avoid Hot showers
    We all love hot showers but our skin doesn’t 🙁 So if you want clear skin, please refrain from this.
  19. Start a night time routine
    Our body repairs itself while we sleep and it is a good time to lather moisturizer, night cream, serums for better absorption. It will show effective results.
  20. Keep your mobiles sanitized
    Our mobile screens collect lot of grime during the day and it is always a goo idea to clean them before/after a call (and then- no more pimples on the face!)

And last but not the least, STAY HAPPY AND SPREAD POSITIVITY! When you become happy from inside, your body and skin will radiate a glow that’s unique to you and the world will see!

So, how many tips you think you can follow from now on? Tell me in the comments below.