Easy Lifestyle changes for better you

Surround Yourself With Positivity

No doubt life is busy and you are stressed during the course of living it but make sure that you don’t over burden with yourself with unnecessary stress. Do away with people and situations that pile up negativity onto you.

You ain’t got time for that!

Instead, surround yourself with people, places, experiences that make you happy and keep you motivated.

Remember- A positive mind inside creates magic on the outside.

Pay Attention To Your Skin

While we are in our prime age, we often tend to take a lot of things for granted- people, relationships, health and skin. Yes- Skin! The largest organ of our body is often neglected because we really don’t take extra care till the time something unusual shows up on our skin (rash, pimple etc. )

Try incorporating a double cleanse (cleaning face with oil base cleanser then with a soap based cleanser) in your skincare routine. You will see the difference within a few weeks.

Men who think they look hot with their rugged look should try this too. Your skin and older self will thank you later!

Practice Being Happy

Now who doesn’t like being happy right?

You may wonder how can one practice on being happy? Well, the answer is simple- If being happy on a regular day seems like a task for you, then you might as well try and put an effort to do so.

Simple things like- sharing gratitude, helping someone randomly, smiling at yourself first thing in the morning when you see yourself in the mirror, meditating, playing your favourite song and breaking into a dance at random etc. are all steps to practice in keeping yourself happy.

Have A Colourful Diet

Oh how much this has been emphasized by doctors and moms (at least mine did) – Eat a balanced diet!

It is always a good idea to include seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet and if possible make it as colourful as possible with a combination of both.

So keep your temptations of junk food at bay and replace that with healthier options and see the refreshed version of you in no time!

Get Moving

Netflix and snacks is something that you reach out for after a long day at work, but what if I tell you that exercising is more relaxing than binge watching those series?

Yes! with the current sedentary lifestyle that we have it is doing more harm than good. So it is essential to get that heartbeat going and making our bodies realize that we are alive.

It is not important to be at the gym doing heavy workout, but just include any form of workout (walking, zumba, swimming, aerobics, gymming etc.) for 30 minutes a day.

While we tend to blissfully ignore the fact that we need to keep ourselves healthy. Spurts of health consciousness off and on won’t help in the long run…being consistent is important. These lifestyle changes are basic and don’t require great effort but just great will power. It is your body after all, you ought to take care of it. Your older self will thank you later. Trust me!

Tell me in the comments below what all changes you did for a better you.