strong woman anthem

To all the women I know (or don’t know) who are in a similar place as I am. Believe in yourself and Be REAL. That’s what matters. ❤️

*Just me and my thoughts- Unfiltered 👇🏻*

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the strongest of them all..
People, Situations have made me fall,
One day with my grit I will rise above all…

They said you ought to behave like a girl, don’t wear this- not safe, don’t say that- you are too loud,
You have opinions? Haaah! Living in your own cloud?

Making a meal for 20 guests at home seems daunting,
So what I don’t know cooking? Well.. you ought bear the relatives’ taunting

Expected to babysit my husband/mama’s boy and make him happy in ‘every’ way
If I talk about equal treatment then called ‘unsanskari’ by the people who believe in dowry
Won’t adhere to such stupid norms of the society- Sorry but Not sorry!

Leading a team at work brings me under a weird scanner,
Getting a raise and promoted at work calls for sleeping with the boss and such useless banter.

Despite all the odds I choose to rise and say F#%€ you all
Mirror mirror on the wall, Yes! The woman I see in the mirror is STRONGEST of them ALL!