Dressing up for office can be a daunting task for both men and women alike. In this fast paced life, many of us don’t put much effort in picking out what to wear at work and throw on whatever is readily available in our wardrobe. This shouldn’t be the case as you should be a pleasant sight in office ; you never know what the day throws at you- meetings, event or regular team lunch. So you nine to fivers, here are 7 things that you should clearly stay away from while getting ready for work-


So ladies, no matter how sassy this version of pantyhose appears to you, it is not supposed to be worn in office. It is best suited for night outs or drinks party with friends but not for board meetings and office hours.

Image- Pinterest

Crocs/ flip flops

I know you can’t resist the colours and comfort of these pretty footwear, but please leave them for the hours that you spend at office. Slip in when you reach home. Best suited for home!


It is true that sheer is trending this season but you need not flaunt this trend in your office. Wearing a sheer top or skirt gives a flirtatious appeal which is quite unwelcomed in official environment.


Too much bling

Women love jewellery but please never display your love for it out and out in office. Wear just one statement piece (pendant, stud earrings, ring or wristlet) and you are sorted. For guys, wearing any studs, flashy rings to work is complete no-no.

Low waist denims

Denims are a classic and I don’t deny that but when you take the trend too far at work, it becomes a distraction. Low waist jeans are designed for you to flaunt your toned abs and waist…you clearly don’t want to flaunt that at office. Right?

There is nothing wrong in trying trends and flaunting them but when it comes to work wear, it is always advisable to be as conventional as possible (what you wear does dictate professionalism). There are places where your impression matter and office is one such place. Do you agree? Tell me in the comments below.