Since you landed on this page I’m pretty sure you are in search of some positivity. Well, I assure you won’t be leaving this page disheartened… Why? Read on…

First, a fun fact- Did you know Google gives 7,240,000,000 results on ‘How To Be Happy’. This just indicates the amount of people typing this question hoping to find an answer. Now moving on to what I promised to share with you-

We all want to be happy right? But what is happiness? For some it may be cooking a delicious meal, for some it may be earning truckloads of money; the definition of happiness is subjective. But there are a few simple, no money involved ways which are scientifically proven to elevate your mood in an instant.

1. Practice Gratitude

It may come to you as a surprise but research shows that people who practice gratitude are relatively happier than those who don’t. The reason behind it is simple- when you make a conscious effort to count your blessings you become aware of being better than many people who may not have what you have and that results in emotional and interpersonal happiness.

How to do it?- You can practice gratitude in simple ways like- writing a journal, sharing gratitude with your partner/ friends etc.

2. Get OUT-doors
Sometimes when we are stagnant at a place for long it tends to adversely affect our mood. It always helps to move around a bit and distract yourself from the negativity. Just a 30 minute walk at the nearest park is guaranteed to elevate your mood in no time because your mind de-clutters faster in fresh air.

How to do it?- Take a stroll in the nearest park, Make a trip to the grocery store (grab a chocolate…*lead to point no. 4* ), go for a long walk at the beach with your favourite songs playing in your earphones. Main point- just get some fresh air!

2. Sweat It Out
It is not a myth when people say they feel fabulous after a hot session of workout at the gym. There is science backing it up- whenever our body is under stress, it releases a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) to combat the stress. When you get your body active, it releases endorphines and BDNF that kind of resets your body switch and in turn you feel good.

How to do it?- Plug in your earphones, play your workout playlist and hit the gym, turn on the speakers and dance your heart out to your favourite songs, or better still- spice up things and get a steamy session of sex with your partner (Consensually!)

4. Bite that Chocolate
There is nothing that a chocolate can’t fix. NOTHING! We are what we eat holds true in this sense because eating a chocolate releases ‘Serotonin’ in our body which is a ‘happy chemical’ . Dark chocolate contains flavanoids which are responsible for the calming effect. Hence chocolate is the most sought after mood elevator because it contributes to well-being.

We really don’t have to tell you how to do it right? 🙂
Buy the chunkiest chocolate bar and diiiggg in!

5. Meditate Your Negativity Away
The benefits of meditation are aplenty but the core lies in happiness. When you sit down to meditate, a section of your brain called insula (responsible for empathy and understanding others) gets activated and results in calmness. A simple 15 minute focused meditation is all it takes to build your mood towards positivity.

How to do it?- Go to a peaceful corner of your home/room and lock yourself out from noise barriers and sit comfortably closing your eyes and focusing on a happy memory/ thing/ person for 15 minutes. For added benefit you can play soothing music in the background at low volume.

Now that you know the ways to elevate your mood, do tell us in the comments below which one did you try and what were the results. Stay Happy!