Do you get to hear ‘ You are too practical’ / ‘Stop being dominating’ / ‘Are you emotionless?’ too often in your interactions with people around? Well, join the club! The club of – People with ‘Strong Personality’

There might be times where you actually must have believed what others have to say about you, but let me tell you – it is NOT true!

This just simply means you have your mind sorted when it comes to dealing with people- the ones who you love and the ones who you don’t… (well not that much). So here are 5 Signs that indicate you have a strong personality-

1. You choose your friends wisely

When it comes to socializing and making new friends you are very wary of the people who you include in your ‘inner circle’. It is not that you are an introvert but just that you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to people. You have a clear understanding of “those who mind, don’t matter” and “those who matter, don’t mind.”

2. You have Zero tolerance for Insensitivity, Idiocy or Ignorance

You have put your brain to good use by understanding people, situations and dynamics of relationships, which makes you filter all those people who engage in small talk. With lack of knowledge comes ignorance and then comes insensitivity- 2 things that you cannot stand at all!

3. You are OK being Imperfect

You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you build up your strengths and don’t let your weaknesses hinder your path to success. You are not crazy about ‘being perfect’ by the norms… you are YOUR version of perfect. You learn, challenge and you evolve.

4. You are terrific listener

While majority of people these days listen to reply, you are quite the opposite- you listen to know the speaker in depth. You value what the other person has to say and process that information wisely. This is the reason why despite you scaring away people with your strong personality; people STILL want to talk to you because you LISTEN.

5. You HATE excuses

Well not that you don’t make any excuses here and there but when it comes to real work and sh*t; you cannot stand excuses. Excuses for not replying to texts, showing up late, for not completing a task duly- When you have a strong personality, you can’t stand people whining about what went wrong and why and how etc. You redirect your focus on what actionable you can do and overcome that.

Honestly, while growing up I was (sometimes still I am ) called emotionless, practical and what not only for the reason that I don’t align sweetly with other’s expectation of a perfect woman, earlier it used to bother me but not anymore. After a lot of introspection and self evaluation I have realized that I have a strong personality that only people with REAL connection with me can accept. And I am OK with it.

So tell me in the comments now, do you relate to these points too?